Ryan and Selena Frederick

Ryan and Selena Frederick created FierceMarriage.com in 2013 when they felt God calling them to share, with total transparency, the struggles He had helped them overcome. Since then, Fierce Marriage has grown into a thriving online community with hundreds of thousands of readers each month, with the simple mission of pointing couples to Christ and commissioning marriages for the Gospel. Ryan and Selena have three daughters and reside in Tacoma, Washington.

Broadcasts with Ryan and Selena Frederick

Air Date Title
Jan 28, 2019 Centring Your Marriage on Christ
Oct 26, 2020 Letting God's Light Shine Through Your Marriage
Apr 7, 2022 Making Prayer a Priority in Your Marriage
Feb 22, 2023 Centering Your Marriage on Christ
Jun 3, 2024 Loving Your Wife with Your Words
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