Mark Burnett

Mark Burnett is an award-winning executive producer of several highly successful television series including Survivor, The Apprentice and The Voice. He has produced thousands of hours of television which regularly airs in more than 70 countries, and his projects have so far accumulated more than 140 Emmy Award nominations, of which he has personally won 12. Since 2016, Mark has served as Chairman of MGM Worldwide Television Group, and he has been named one of the world’s most influential people by Time Magazine. He is married to actress Roma Downey, with whom he has co-produced several projects, including the popular 2013 TV miniseries The Bible. You can find out more about the couple’s work at the website for their media production company, LightWorkers, and you can learn more about Mark at his bio page on the IMDb website.

Broadcasts with Mark Burnett

Air Date Title
Mar 27, 2015 A Bold Witness for Christ on Network TV
Mar 26, 2021 Living Out Your Faith in Today's Culture
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