Leila Sommerfeld

Leila Rae Sommerfeld's greatest passion is helping hurting women heal from the aftermath of rape and other harrowing experiences. As a rape survivor, she leads recovery classes using her award-winning book, Beyond Our Control: Restructuring Your Life After Sexual Assault. Leila has also authored a novel and had articles published in numerous magazines. She volunteers as a life coach at the Salvation Army Family Services in Portland, Oregon, where she and her husband reside. The couple has three children, seven grandchildren and three great grandchildren. You can learn more about Leila at her website, www.leilarae.com.

Broadcasts with Leila Sommerfeld

Air Date Title
Apr 18, 2017 Finding Healing From Sexual Assault (Part 1 of 2)
Apr 19, 2017 Finding Healing From Sexual Assault (Part 2 of 2)
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