Brant Hansen

Brant Hansen is an author, nationally syndicated radio host, and advocate for healing children with correctible disabilities through CURE International. He’s won multiple “personality of the year” awards for his work on his offbeat and quirky radio show which airs on more than 200 stations. His podcast with his friend and radio producer Sherri Lynn, called “The Brant and Sherri Oddcast,” has been downloaded millions of times. Brant has authored two books, Unoffendable and Blessed are the Misfits, and written for numerous major media outlets on topics as varied as public policy, culture, sports, Asperger’s Syndrome and faith. He and his wife, Carolyn, have two grown children. Learn more about Brant at his website,

Broadcasts with Brant Hansen

Air Date Title
Feb 1, 2018 Learning About God's Mercy
Dec 21, 2018 Letting Go of Offenses
Sep 20, 2021 Finding Freedom in Humility
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